BonBon Lingerie is a brand for women who have a desire for exclusivity and premium quality.

This exceptionally comfortable and practical lingerie is designed and made in Estonia from solely the best European textiles. BonBon lingerie doesn’t only offer lingerie but also an enticing sense of confidence to conquer the whole world.


We are looking to employ to our wonderful collective an


eCommerce Manager


with previous experience in overseeing an international online store.


Your work description consists of managing and developing BonBon’s online store through the Magento2 eCommerce platform, as well as overseeing various digital marketing tools.


You will be our eCommerce manager and your role will consist of coordinating and supervising the growth and sales of our online shop. Under your management and our developers hard work, our website will be constantly improved and developed into a user-friendly and intuitive online store that will win the sympathy of our clients from the minute they click on it. In addition to ensuring technical perfection, your focus will also be directed at channeling our story through our online store and creating emotion that makes the website come to life. You will also be in charge of integrating new countries/languages with the preexisting platform, keeping in mind the cultural differences and peculiarities, as well as planned marketing actions. You are required to have at least 3 years of previous experience in eCommerce and everything it concerns should be already familiar to your skill set. Having background knowledge in Magento2 will also be very useful but in the case of its absence, you can compensate - all you need to have is wit and quick learning skills. With the help of our marketing department and your digital marketing experience and skills, you will be able to bring a bigger clientele traffic to our online store and oversee it. Transforming visitors into clients is one of your fundamental goals, as the whole foundation of BonBon’s digital marketing is laid on it. You will be a team-working virtuoso with a background in eCommerce, resourceful and ambitious, and demonstrate proficiency in the English language. You master eCommerce technologies and have the skill to see the whole process as a whole.


You are an ideal candidate if you possess the following qualities:

*at least 3 years of experience in eCommerce
*Fluent in english
*negotiation skills
*teamwork skills
*extensive knowledge in digital marketing
*‘‘the ability to deliver”


We offer an opportunity of self-fulfilment to which there is no equal to: participating in eCommerce as a key player, shaping the reputation of BonBon Lingerie’s brand image.


Come join our team and let’s make groundbreaking history together!


Send your CV to this email address: